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Different jobs require different types of skills and expertise. We have both in house developers and remote plus great partnerships with other skilled people who we bring in to help deliver your perfect product. Therefore ensuring you get delivered a full solution package without the hassle.

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Mpesa Integration

Mobile money transfer is on the rise in Kenya and it is always vital for your business to be accessible via mpesa. We integrate different payment options for your e-commerce online store including m-pesa (STK Push) so that the client pays directly via m-pesa during checkout.  We also do other payment modes like Cards e.g. Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.
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Web Design

Your website is one of the first points of visibility for your brand. We design great websites (Portfolio),  that are very responsive on both desktop and mobile. Either single Page or multiple, from Blog to corporate to e-commerce. With Content Management systems like WordPress and frameworks like Laravel.
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Mobile Apps

From Uber like apps to basic corporate service app to full-fledged mobile app game, we can build one for you and deliver both the Android & iOS versions. This includes the deployment to the Play store and App Store respectively.

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Web Apps

Web apps will provide for easier management and can perform across any platform thereby improving your operations. You will also have access to them 24 hours of every day from any PC. Web apps are very cost effective for your organization. At Veno, we will provide you with the best web applications specially designed to suit your organization.

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Chat Bots

You aren’t always at your desk, or manning your social media account messages or by the phone for any and every customer enquiry; this is why you need a chat-bot and autoresponders for both your website and social media pages, we can build one. We will ensure that you do not only automate your customer service but also boost your organization’s productivity. This will in turn greatly improve your organization’s revenue and free up time to grow your business.

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Desktop Software

However much most software are now web based, you still need a desktop software for some functions that have to be done locally before they are uploaded. You might also need a desktop app to accompany the web and mobile app as per your demands. Desktop apps will ease your operations since some do not require internet connectivity and can be wired via a LAN connection between collaborating workers.
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ICT Hardware

Aside from software, Veno specialises in provision of hardware to support your organization’s day to day operations. We install time-attendance hardware and software and security systems (CCTV and access control). We also supply ICT hardware( Computers, Printers, UPS,  among others)
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Tech Consultation

Sometimes you need to decide the best software or hardware for example best server and host, with our vast knowledge on IT we can help, call us now. At Veno, we have a collection of IT experts and technicians who will be at your disposal. We will guide you to finding the best fit for your organization be it applications, software or hardware.

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