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An overview of the services you offer and how they will benefit you.


PCB Design

We build custom hardware for our clients. This involves schematic, PCB Layout, prototype assembly and failure root cause analysis. These are designed with compliance and quality control consideration. We also design the entire case and hardware module packaging and do functionality tests


Embedded Software

We do embedded software development including coding, debugging and end to end system verification tests. This follows the embedded microcontroller system design and kernel driver development focusing on low power consumption and reliable connectivity

IoT Services

We deliver full IoT services from hardware design focused on Low Power and Long range communication to interface and communication protocol including but not limited to BLE, Wi-Fi, NFC, LTE and LoRa. We also build the management platform with a UI and charts for data visualization.


Web & Mobile IoT Apps

With an IoT system, you might need a more personal monitoring system or simply need to connect an IoT system to an existing mobile web or mobile application. We build both new and also integrate IoT processes and services into such web and mobile applications.

UI & Data Visualization

IoT is all about capturing data and then taking an action based on them. This is useless if this data cannot be visualized and analyzed for the appropriate action taken. We build intuitive charts and data analytics tools to help you manage, view and analyze your system data in colourful charts and graphs.



Most frequent questions and answers

Anything really, from a task as simple as opening a door to opening the gate when your car arrives.

The hardware you are designing might require a speacialised function that the available ones don’t have. Or if you simply need a custom hardware module

Just the idea of what you need built or developed. We shall work with you to figure out exactly what you need and how to go about building it.

Of course, most tailored automated systems require us to come to the actual installation site to design it according to it. Just call us and we shall be there ASAP!

Let us take if from here

…our product development process is a gentle path from ideation to actualization of your product. We shall work with you 

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