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We are on a mission to transition Africa from being a consumer continent of Technology to a key player in the industry. We innovate and build on readily researched tech-stacks to create solutions for Africa by Africans. We use technology for good and are always looking for ways we can add value to human life through innovation specifically on Hardware (IoT and Automation), join us on this journey and let us build for you.



IoT for Africa!


Autobotics is a combination of Automation and Robotics. Founded in 2020, we are a hardware startup who design and build custom hardware systems to automate your processes. These range from complete monitoring systems to web applications to which these hardware plug into to supply sensor data for processing and visualization.

With the current advancement in technology, we are actively researching and building IoT solutions for the African Market. Such as long range low power communication sensor and actuator modules to help our clients in accelerating IoT development and Innovation.


Why Choose Us

Why we shall exceed your expectations

Great Teamwork

We consult with the client during different phases of development therefore delivering exactly what the you had in mind and even beyond

15 yrs Experience

We have a combined experience of over 15 years in this field and so are quite skilled in all the services we deliver from frameworks to programming languages.


Everyone has timewise expectations and things to do. We understand this and thus do our part to deliver within the required timelines.

Sustainable Design

When you are building a product, you don’t just think today, we do our service delivery with this in mind, hence giving you a product which does not age.

Attention To Detail

We do pay attention to detail.

And so much more

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We shall walk together to offer you the best service and to design a build process for your product.

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